Do Not Vote for Sam Bulte

Do not vote for Sam Bulte in the Parkdale-Highpark riding. Here’s a reason why. Yet another. And another.

Yesterday afternoon, one of her cronies canvassers came to my door. This is the first time someone from the Liberals came to my door; the NDP has stopped by twice already in the last week (I ignored them the second time they knocked on my door). Perhaps there’s less need to rush if you’re incumbent.

Anyway, the guy knocks on my door, I open it, I see the Liberal pamphlets and paraphernalia, and before he says a single thing, I preempt with “No thanks, I’m not going to be voting for her.”

“Will you at least take some reading material to look at?” He extends the propaganda to me.

“No, I’ve done enough reading about her copyright supports.”

“Oh,” he pulled the pamphlet back towards himself, “you like to download music?”

“No.” I was taken aback by his bluntness. “No, no. That’s oversimplifying the issues.” He didn’t care anymore. He was already picking up his gear and eyeing the next door.

I was in my robe and in the middle of doing something, so I didn’t press the issue. His body language showed that he didn’t want anything to do with the subject anyway. The door shut. She wasn’t going to get my vote before this, so this mere distraction changed nothing, but it showed to me what her campaign’s stance on copyright reforms was. Oversimplified.

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