Election Day in Canada

Today is the federal election. The second in two years, following the last government’s short and ineffectual minority. The bad news is that, save for the possibility of some drastic last minute vote swings (not unfounded, it happened last time,) our politics are guaranteed to swing hard to the right. Not good. On the plus side, unless there’s some drastic last minute momentum, we are going into yet another minority. That should make it a lot more difficult for them to try to pass any unfavourable social pullbacks or anything drastic. And if they do try to push that agenda, something they have downplayed on the campaign trail, hopefully the public will remember it and will force them out early. Again.

Either way, it doesn’t look too good for the near future. Having the Conservatives seize the most seats would mean that politics would be dictated from a western, prairie point of view. That’s something that Ontario would not like. It would be akin to New England being under the shadow of Southern/Texan politicians… and we know how that is working out.

This time I’m voting for NDP. I don’t like the NDP much, especially their very strong union politics (even if the head of the Canadian Auto Workers is backing the Liberals), but for my riding it is the best choice. It is the first time I’ve been in a riding in which the choice of MP has felt so important to me since, for the first time, issues that I care about are on the forefront in a big way. It has engaged me more than any previous federal election ever did (in my eligible life span). Especially since, for the first time in that period, there seems to be a genuine shift in politics on the horizon, whether for good or for bad.

Thus, I am voting for the issues that matter to me and that means ensuring that Bulte does not get re-elected. It might not stop the problem of copyright reform for good, I’m sure others will take her position and CIRA will try to grease their balls too, but at least it will slow it down. For now. I was going to vote Green Party, as I did last election, but stopping her, for now, is the bigger priority.

Oddly enough, this means that in my seven years of voter eligibility this will be, provincially and federally, the fourth different party that I have voted for. Maybe third. I can’t remember if I ever did vote for the Liberals. They have been forgettable.

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