The one frequently used consumer product that annoys me the most is razors. I don’t like shaving and I often accumulate a lot of stubble between shaves, but I hate the bullshit marketing even more. While watching the Leafs lose again on Hockey Night in Canada tonight, I saw the most rediculous commercial ever for Gillette’s new “Fusion” razor. The advert was building hype for the “coming song” Fusion by making it look like the second coming of a well-shaved Christ. It’s the ultimate advancement in human technology ever and forever!

The amount of hyperbole is crazy. I mean, seriously. A Huge day in the shaving world. HUGE!? Give me a break. There’s a good reason why the “bait and hook” is often known as the Razor and blades business model. What is sad is that there’s enough people being ensnared by its nets.

So I say “NO” to it. I might be a luddite when it comes to shaving — I use a freaking two blade Sensor XL and that’s more than enough — but at least when I cut myself I don’t do it with five blades at once.

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