Weekend Watchings

The weekend was spent on my parents’ couch at my parents’ place watching a lot of (my parents’) TV, snacking on almonds and cake (of the birthday variety). The Sunday also had “The Big Game”™® and, really, it was quite boring. I don’t watch a lot of football, but for a game billing itself as the biggest in the world (yeah, wait til’ July 9th for that), it was really dull.

You sit for a couple of minutes through commercials then watch the players set up for another minute or two. Then then snap and you watch five seconds of a possibly exciting play, only to to see it called back by the referee, leading to the next commercial break. Meh. The (lowly, lousy) Raptors’ game against the Clippers that afternoon, which went to overtime, was considerably more exciting. The Leafs’ near collapse (again!) on Saturday was more exciting. And to make it seem as though I’m not football biased (though I am a bit), last November’s Grey Cup was far more exciting. Better reffed too (an almost prescient article from November). Granted, that’s probably and unfair comparison to the Superbowl since the 93rd Grey Cup was arguably one of the most exciting football games ever, but still. At least the game wasn’t on Fox, which meant that I could flip back and forth between Family Guy or some lousy, uninspired episode of the Simpsons.

In between the hockey and the football and the basketball (I sound like a sports fanatic), I watched:

There’s a bit of a lull between now and the Olympics so I hope to catch up with my DVD movie shrinkwrap shrine this week. Maybe even writing some reviews along the way. Or, you know, just numeric ratings without any commentary backing them up.

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