Jenn’s post claims that I was the regional champ at Super Mario World. I should clarify that it is true and it’s not something that I pulled out of my ass. No, I have the official Nintendo documentation to prove it.

That’s probably my proudest gaming achievement of all time. I was twelve at the time. It’s up there with beating Zelda: Link to the Past in one sitting with a friend (we tag teamed the game); getting half of all the Final Fantasy VI characters up to level 99 (oh I once was a Squaresoft fanboy, long ago in the 16-bit days); one creditting Gradius (though it was, by far, not the hardest of shooters); and beating Metal Gear Solid on easy, medium, hard, and extreme within a two week period. I was a poor kid then and the game was borrowed from a friend, so I had to make due with the little time I had with it. As such, I got to know the game very well and that is why I thought that Metal Gear Awesome was awesome.

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