DS Double Shot (mostly Tetris)

Excluding “Exit” for the PSP, up to today I haven’t bought a single game since before Christmas. There was little of interest coming out and the incentive to play the older games just wasn’t there. Today, two anticipated games came out. Both for the DS. Both by Nintendo (I don’t understand that planning at all). Both wifi enabled. Tetris DS and Metroid Prime Hunters.

The only sensible option was to get both. So I did.

Now that I have both, I only play one. Rationality goes out the window when you are making an impulse purchase. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Metroid Prime Hunters (as far as I noticed,) it seems alright (not great.) It’s just that my free game time has been consumed by Tetris DS since it’s so much less committal than Hunters. That appeals to some of my own personal sensibilities.

There isn’t much else to say about the game. It is Tetris and everyone knows what that involves; everybody’s played Tetris The game can be reviewed in a few IM messages, which is what I realize I already did so I might as well copy and paste it here:

[01:15] n()wak: What’s great about it? I can pull it out at any time, turn it on, play around with it with an actual partner across the world, be done, turn it off. Repeat later. (This is not a sexual reference).
[01:16] Walter: well i mean, is the main addition to regular tetris the fact that it’s internet multiplayer?
[01:16] n()wak: Well, there are other modes of varying degree of interest, but that to me is the biggest appeal.
[01:17] Walter: gotcha
[01:18] n()wak: That’s the great thing about portable online play, especially with very quick pick-up-and-play games like this — you can just turn it on anywhere, go at it for a few minutes, and set it aside.
[01:18] n()wak: Commercial break? Launch. Bored of working? Launch. Don’t even have to get off my ass.
[01:19] Walter: cool
[01:19] n()wak: It helps that there are no load times.

One thing that I don’t like about Tetris DS is its overt reliance on Nintendo nostalgia. Good as they are, I don’t need to be hearing the Super Mario Bros. theme and the Zelda overworld music for the five-thousandth time. Not in a game of Tetris. I miss the old Tetris themes (Tetris-A), I miss the dancing Russians and I miss the Space Shuttles. Tetris DS should have included a “Classic” mode. Just plain old GameBoy Tetris without the extended previews, without the “holds”, and without some of the new drop mechanics. That would have made this title definitive. Without that, it’s too glossed up for its own good.

Still fun though. Here’s my friend code:

Fact Correction: it seems as though the dancing russians, the space shuttle, and the classic Tetris music is in the game, but you can only see it if you’re are really good at arranging falling blocks. And even then, you don’t see too much of it.

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