Another World

I purchased the high-res Windows port of Another World / Out of this World. Surprisingly, this is only my second ever digitally distributed game purchase. The first was Half-Life 2.

The price (a mere 7 euro, which is less than $10 CAD) definitely had something to do with. I could buy two copies of Another World and a beer for less than it would cost to purchase derivative shit like Zuma. Maybe the replay wouldn’t be as big, but at least you’d own something far more creative, original, and worth owning. And that’s more than you can say about anything PopCap produces.

I don’t know why it took me so long to buy an independent game like this, but I’m sure that my familiarity with Out of The World (played in on the SNES) helped me overcome that aversion. Nostalgia is a good selling point.

Now if only I could overcome these fucking caves.

And I find it amazing that, after beating the game over ten years ago, I just now realize that you can kick the worms in the first section of the game. Here I was trying to jump over them like a sucker.

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