Alpha Geek

Several days ago I was browsing the trailers on Apple’s site (speaking of which, go see Cache — good film.) Some were good, some were lousy, some were so-so. One of those trailers that I came across was Alpha Dog.

In the first minute of that trailer, before they even started to expose what the movie was about, I noticed one thing that pretty much forever soured the movie for me. Perhaps that’s a bit melodramatic, as it is an inconsequential little error, but it’s one of those little things that you notice that just bugs you like rediculous IP numbers on TV shows. While it’s not on the scale of Hackers like misrepresentation (but what is really?) This crazy URL’ed Wall Street Journal covers just that very thing.

If you notice that one thing without any prior knowledge of its existence, you would surely score some geek cred points. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t just notice it — I wrote about it online. That makes me doubly lame.

I won’t tell you what it is, but I’ll leave you with two very obvious clues right below this…

Alphadog clue
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