E3 Crabtacular

Due to the “me too” nature of a lot of game publishers, pretty much every E3 has a very visible trend, like toon shading or World War 2 shooters. The trend that was noticeable this year, to me, was crabs. Yes, crabs. It became very obvious right from the start during Sony’s press conference. Microsoft’s subsequent showing confirmed it.

While the crab-filled games were a vast minority on the showfloor at E3, they remained very visible because of their name brand recognition and/or the focus they were given by Microsoft and Sony during their respective press conferences.

Resistence: The Fall of Man

The first was Sony’s showing of the generic-looking Resistence: The Fall of Man, a game which seemingly combines Half-Life 2 with every World War II shooter ever. This is what we call “original” IP. No self-respecting Half-Life 2 clone can go around without half-Life headcrab clones, so this game has its full share. Not just small crabs, but giant ones too.

Resistence: The Fall of Man

Then came the Genji 2 demo, which made me laugh and laugh so much. The idiocy of it has already caused it to become a bit of an internet joke, and it can be seen in the Sony Press Conference in One Minute video that’s making the rounds. Once the giant crab creature showed its face in this historic game with real battles from history, there was no saving Sony’s showing.

Genji 2

Microsoft came next and the crab hit the fan. That was proof enough of a trend. Thus, I present the E3 Crabtacular:

These are all the crabs that I’ve noticed in screengrabs or released screenshots. Some of these might be a little loose in the definition of “crab”, but they’re all very much crab-like aliens or mutants or crab-robots.

Genji 2Genji 2‘s smaller crabs.
Gears of WarGears of War had a giant crab-spider. The above shot makes it look more spider than crab, but the trailer shows its crabiness in full glory. Maybe these two are different creatures?
Hellgate: LondonHellgate: London had a giant crab, most likely from hell.
Lost PlanetLost Planet had these crab-like things.
Too HumanSilicon Knights parted ways with Nintendo so that they could work on an original concept like a futuristic action shooter… with crab aliens.
Chrome 2Chrome 2 had giant walking crab mechs.
Heavy DutyAs did Heavy Duty, though theirs were a little smaller.
Rise of NationsAs did Rise of Nations, though theirs was rediculously big.
CrysisCrysis had a big, giant alien crab thing, but I couldn’t find a good, clear shot of it.
Gothic 2I don’t know what the hell this Gothic 2 creature is supposed to be, but it looks crabish.

There were others, I’m sure. I only had the press photos and trailers to go by, and I did not watch all of them. Not even close. There were also a few giant spiders, but those aren’t too crab-like to list.

Lastly, if all these crabs do draw their inspiration from Half-Life, then this Unreal Tournament 2007 shot might warrant inclusion:

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