Launch Prices

  1. The 3DO console launched with a price of $699.95 USD. The high price reflected the system’s “revolutionary technology”. It launched into a competitive market with lousy games and poor support, with equally powerful (more so) but substantially cheaper consoles, with better brand recognition, on the horizon. It flopped.
  2. The Neo-Geo launched at $649.99 USD with with two joysticks, a memory card, and a single pack-in game. It was a premium priced system for a premium, niche arcade-focused market. While it didn’t catch on with the mainstream market, it endured and lasted for a long time servicing that niche. Even with $200 games.
  3. Sony Playstation 3 is set to launch at $599.99 USD.

I’m not sure if that’s the company that Sony wants to be bundled with. Their launch price is making the — then deemed overly expensive — XBox 360 Premium price of $399.99 USD seem like a downright bargain. That will definitely work to Microsoft’s advantage.

Since Microsoft already has established hardware, they don’t need to spend their time hyping the technology. They can focus on the games and if they do that during their press conference today, instead of pushing bullshit like XNA and Vista, then they will knock the wind right out of Sony’s sails.

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