Sony DSCN1

Those that follow my flickr stream might have noticed my new acquisition:

Sony Cybershot DSCN1

To be honest, I was very hesitant about getting a Sony. Their brand identity with personal electronics is to me like Firestone is to tires. In other words, when I get a Sony I half expect it to turn into a crashing wreck.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why I opted for the Sony was because I fell into that Sony Proprietary Trap of Doom™. I already bought a 2GB Memory Stick Duo Pro Super Duper for the PSP and I didn’t want to buy another memory format or risk being stuck with someone else’s proprietary trash. I already have a camera that uses Smartmedia, which is useless to me as it’s a dead format. In fact, I don’t think it ever went beyond the 128MB range. At least with the Memory Stick, if my camera becomes obsolete, I can continue to use it with my PSP.

The other obvious reason was that the Cybershot had fairly positive reviews. I was cautious about the touch-screen interface, some like it and some hate it, but playing around with it in the store eased my worries. I still prefer the UI on my old Fuji Finepix, but the Cybershot is intuitive enough (though I haven’t played around with the manual settings enough yet.) The photos are fine too, I guess.

What I really want to bitch about (always need to be negative) is the battery. This is my biggest problem with the Cybershot: to charge the battery, you have to take it out of the camera, put it in a charger and plug it in. On its own this isn’t so bad, but the problem arises from the fact that when you plug the camera to your computer via USB, it doesn’t draw power from it. Thus, if you are charging your battery, you can not connect the camera to the PC. Similarly, if the battery is in the camera, leaving it plugged in drains it. I’ve already had the battery die on me in the middle of a file transfer.

This is a basic feature that I expect from a camera, especially at this price. Not to my surprise, I did discover that there is a dock for the camera, but it’s a $100 more!

That right there is the Sony that I have grown to despise.

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