XBox user ads

What happens when you ask your users (especially game players) for their advertisement ideas? One horrible idea after another. My favourite:

The commercial would start in a bedroom showing a wife, or possibly a girlfriend in restless sleep, when all of a sudden you could hear some random shouting of excitement. The woman would wake up, and look at the empty spot in the bed right next to her, and you can see frustration on her face. She gets up, and proceeds to walk to the living room in her dark house. You can hear the TV volume increasing as she gets closer. When she makes it there, she sees her husband/boyfriendsitting on the couch having a blast while playing his Xbox 360. She turns the console off in frustrationthat he has stayed up for most of the night playing his Xbox 360, and left her to sleep all by herself. The husband/boyfriend’s face looks sad as he is being dragged off the couch, and back to the bedroom, when he has a brilliant idea. They walk back into the living room where he picks up another controller and hands it to her with confidence. The commercial ends showing the two of them playing their Xbox 360 together. This commercial could be aimed at females, to show them that video games and the Xbox 360 are not just for guys.


Speaking of which, I noticed this on the XBox site:

XBox FPO FPO = For Placement Only

Ooops! You web team’s QA is showing.

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