Guitar Hero 2, Jackson’s Halo, Mata and GT

A series of quick notes:

The EGM Podcast (I’ve been listening to a lot of gaming podcasts lately) has an episode all about Guitar Hero 2 with series guitarist Marcus Henderson (he laid down the metal and punk tracks for the game’s songs) and Associate Producer Ted Lange. If you have any interest in Guitar Hero 2 and/or rocking out, check the September 25th episode out. There’s plenty of information about how songs are picked, how they’re produced and about how much some of them rock. This game isn’t coming out fast enough.

Microsoft’s X06 event provided a lot of new announcements. Halo was at the center of it all despite the fact that no information about the marquee Halo 3 title was revealed. Instead, a new Halo universe based RTS and some new Halo based game that is not a game. None of this interests me since I don’t particularly like the Halo games nor RTS games, but that’s another matter. What really stood out for me was the Peter Jackson fronted not-a-game game announcement, as seen at Gamespot. Peter Jackson quotes:

It’s a form of entertainment that’s not a game and it’s not a film. It’s a filmic game experience

“I wouldn’t even call these games in my mind, because I’m not a game designer,” Jackson said. “What I’m really interested in is taking ideas that could become films, but maybe they won’t be films … They’ll be steered into this technology that the Microsoft Game Studios people have developed.

FILMIC GAME EXPERIENCE. What a cringe worthy quote. The the partnership places Jackson as the figurehead of this new Halo project, despite the developers and game designers. The games industry tries to position itself as the entertainment of the future, but such PR-laden moves show that a lot of publishers are content with following the linear film industry rather than leading it. Jason Rubin would not be pleased.

If I hear ever hear the whole “Playstation 3 is using the Spiderman font” thing ever again (and it’s still being said) I will scream. I’m not a typophile, by any means, but that shit bugs me so much. Apart from the fact that the typeface existed years before the films, what a lot of the idiots fail to realize, and I’m going to guess that they are the types of people commonly called “fanboys”, is that the XBox logo is based on the same typeface, Mata. Saying that the “Playstation 3 logo ripped-off Spiderman” is akin to saying that the “Vote for Pedro” shirts stole the Mr. Sub font. Stop it.

The internet has certainly been abuzz about the Gran Turismo scam news. Enough has been said about that, pro or con, about that already and I’m not going to add to that pile. My one question, however, is one I haven’t seen brought up. Doesn’t this implementation, whether you hate it or love it, essentially ruin the entire game that was Gran Turismo?

The whole game of GT was based around the idea of progress. You have to earn your license. Then you buy a cheap car. Then you race it in low end races. You earn money that you can use to buy a better car or to upgrade the one you already have. Then you race higher classes. Harder tracks. Faster cars. And higher and higher. You earn you way up as if you are having a racing career.

If you just let the user buy some top-end cars and a few tracks, won’t that get boring? Where’s the motivation? If that is indeed how Gran Turismo HD will be like, then it’ll be nothing but a glorified series of time trials that you will have the privilege to have to pay your way into. Sounds dull to me.

I am currently playing Trauma Center and Okami. The end.

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