TIFF: “Climates” (“Iklimer”)

After just two movies, Nuri Bilge Ceylan is quickly becoming one of my favourite new directors and he (along with the film Gegen Die Wand) is making me want to take a good long look at Turkish cinema.

Climates (trailer), much like his previous film Distant, is a very sparse movie. Dialogue is minimal and in its place there are many slow, long shots of characters in deep thought. These moments work because of the acting and the direction. They might require a minimal level of empathy from the audience, which might scare some movie goers away, but with that you get a strong sense for the characters and their motivations.

Ceylan conveys awkwardness very well (which I can… uh… attest to. It’s all about the silent… gaps and external interruptions and… quiet sitting) and that’s pretty much the prevalent theme. The uncomfortable moments in a dieing relationship, the loneliness, the failures to communicate and act on emotions. It certainly makes for a film with a narrow appeal, but I find it enjoyable. It helps that it’s also complemented by gorgeous scenery and beautiful (if quiet) moments.

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