TIFF: Quick “The Fountain” impressions

It is 10pm and I’m home between movies. I just saw “Retrieval” and I have “Severance” coming up at midnight. Earlier this afternoon I saw The Fountain.

It was an… interesting movie. A lot of people are going to dislike it. I predict that many will interpret the tales too literally, which is partly due to how the movie is being pushed. It is not a story of some immortal-like man living through different times trying to save a woman that also exists through those times (as either the same person or a sort of reincarnation of the same person — sort of like “Jade Warrior“). This is what I thought the movie was going to be like. It’s not.

It’s a contemporary story. A story about a man that can’t come to terms with life and death. The past and the future settings are allegories. This is where I think there will be a failure to understand when this movie gets wide release. It is too easy to think of the past, present and future settings as all part of one linear narrative. The narrative exists in the present. I think that’s all I can say without giving too much away.

Originally, my impression was I think I liked it, but I don’t have a massive boner over it. I’m undecided. However, the more I let it settle in my mind, the more it agrees with me. I think a second viewing is necessary.

Great use of sound, though. Very nice Clint Mansell score (again) — it’s very much present throughout the movie, giving it an almost ethereal quality. Some of the visuals are stunning, of course, and Hugh Jackman is actually very good in this. Overall a positive. I think.

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