The 2006 Toronto Film Festival begins today. It marks that start of what is quickly becoming one of my favourite times of the year. An annual tradition. Sure, it’s only my second time attending, but it’s two consecutive years and that’s enough to warrant it being called an “annual tradition”.

As with last year, I didn’t buy any advance passes or tickets and just took my chances with the online system once the individual tickets went on sale. Yes, the system was down a lot on Tuesday morning. Often times returning such wonderfully helpful error messages as recv() error 10054. But I perservered and managed to score tickets for most of the movies that I wanted to see, including the higher profile titles like “The Fountain“, “Volver“, and “Seraphim Falls“. There were tickets available for “Babel” still, but it was on a Sunday morning and I had previously decided to keep that day free.

The Borat movie, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, was sold-out initially, but the online system this afternoon showed that there were still some tickets available for tonight’s Midnight Madness premiere. Those are now gone. Oh well.

I’m excited and I might post mini-reviews as I go, but there are better sites for that.

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