Lumines Live

I bought Lumines Live. I liked it.

I then bought the extra “Advance pack”. I liked it.

If there were to be another skin pack, I might get it too. (I’ll pass on the battle/puzzle stuff though — never touched them never will).

Does this make me a bad person? All the holier-than-though game magazine editor podcasts tell me “YES, yes you are.” They say I am part of the problem, equating this to various horse armours and NFL stadiums. However, the ten hours I’ve already logged into the game tell me “No, you do what you like.” Don’t equate this with those because Lumines is almost entirely about getting through the different skins and music as you achieve gaming zen in one long marathon session. That is the main attraction to Lumines and “mere” skins do add to the experience.

And I like the Lumines experience so much, I’m still going to get Lumines 2 in addition to this. I might as well just give Q Entertainment my bank account information so that they can directly take my money everytime they release a new title (that isn’t Ninety-Nine Nights). It’ll be easier that way.

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