Favourites of ’06

It’s that time of the year again. List season! I, too, have to partake and call out my favourite things from the past year from, in some cases, a rather small sample. But we make due with what we have.

Favourite Games of the Year
This was really the year of the XBox 360 (and DS). Sure, the Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii launched to much fanfare in 2006, but one console’s rediculous price and the other’s popularity (SOLD OUT) means that the 360 was it this year. Not surprisingly, my favourite game of ’06 was a 360 game: Dead Rising.

I (quickly) wrote about it, and my runner-ups, at Idle Thumbs’ Your personal games of the year 2006 thread.

Favourite Film of the Year
This is what I mean by “small sample.” I hate going to the theatre. Apart from the Toronto Film Festival (the one exception), I’ve been to the theatre a total of one times this year, for Manufactured Landscapes. So, out of all the 2006 films that I’ve seen, my favourite will have to be my Film Festival favourite: Climates.

Favourite Album of the Year
The majority of the albums on Pitchfork’s Top 50 albums I have not heard. Vast majority. However, I find myself (for the first time?) in agreement with their number one pick. The Knife – Silent Shout. I heard this playing on the speakers in my favourite independent music store in Toronto, Penguin Music. After a brief listen and a recommendation by the clerk, I picked it up. Best “blind” purchase I’ve made this year (though The Proposition would argue with that).

Runner ups: Tool – 10,000 Days and Clark – Body Riddle.

Favourite TV Show of the Year, sort of
I might be five years late to the party, but The Wire is the best show of the year. Maybe even last five years (though I really do like Deadwood too, which comes in a close second.)

Favourite Podcast of the Year
Connexion Bizarre. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts in the last half of this year, mostly at work, and this one is my favourite. It’s fairly specific in its musical picks, sticking with that whole industrial/noise/IDM/synthpop/experimental/EBM cluster, but it’s varied enough so that you never know what you’re going to get each week. Sometimes it misses, but most often it’s consistently awesome… so long as you are into those genres. I am. ffwd’s linklog is thanked for that link.

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