Alzheimers for gaming weblogs

The problem with a lot of online media is that it tends to be forgetful. Anything that existed past the fifteen minute life span of the meme-du-jour is ancient history. This is more evident among the online gaming “press” and even more so amongst the big, commercial gaming weblogs who republish the same tired old shit ad nauseam.

Take, for example, this recent “confirmation” on Joystiq about the possibility of original content coming to the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console. Mr. Ransom-Wiley writes about rumour and speculation, but the simple fact is that the possibility for this has been confirmed. In writing, by Nintendo, almost a year ago.

The official Wii site, not long after the big reveal last year, had this to say:

It also will be home to new games conceived by indie developers whose creativity is larger than their budgets.

It’s right there in the archive. Whether it’s acted upon is a different matter altogether, but there’s no need to create rumours when a little research would suffice. Then again, this is Joystiq we’re talking about. Fueling bullshit rumours is all they know how to do. Right Dondy?

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