Dark Room

A little late on this, but Dark Room is the coolest tiny simple freeware app that I’ve seen in a while. Functionally, it’s more bare than Notepad. It doesn’t do anything but take text input and save it, but it’s the idea behind it that deserves merit. A writing tool that removes all distractions and just leaves nothing between the writer and the text.

Of course, such a distraction free environment is illusory. The whole of your music library and all those episodes of that TV show that you downloaded and the entirety of the internet is just an Alt+Tab away. But psychologically, Dark Room remains interesting and, hell, I managed to write more in that one application today than I have all month so something must be working.

The InternetA constant struggle.

Of all those distractions, YouTube is likely the most time consuming. It is “Hinterland Who’s Who” spoofs and whatever the fuck this is and sports highlights showing the most ludicrous play in a hockey game in years (Video — funny enough, of the top eight most viewed sports videos for the day, seven involve that play) and music videos. It’s amazing that anything gets written at all.

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