Information Overload

There came a time, many months ago, when I realized that the wealth of information that I had subscribed to had become unwieldly. There was so much to read and watch that it became a fulltime job keeping track of it (which, you know, cut out time to actually read and watch it all.) At any given time, my Bloglines account had in excess of seventeen thousand unread entries. My so-called “shrinkwrap shrine” of games and movies (in other words, those titles purchased but never even opened) was piling up. The emails from the four high-volume mailing lists that I’m subscribed to with my work account are deleted and never read. Podcast subscriptions languish, unplayed. I’m paying a monthly fee to to have a movie sit on my counter, unwatched. I’m paying a monthly fee for Gameaccess. And my stack of unread, but fully purchased, books is demanding a new bookshelf.

Enough is enough. I have to do lists about finishing to do lists. It’s time to start fresh.

I’ve exported my subscribed feeds as an OPML file (for future reference) and purged everything from my Bloglines account. I’m canceling my online rental accounts before the end of this month. And, hopefully, I can start at the backlog of media that I already own. I’m still anticipating Crackdown for the 360, but the next game I write about might very well be Mercenaries or Way of the Samurai. Or, if I want to get real old school, I can dust off my disc of Carnage Heart.

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