ChipTune linkage

A while back, before I became unmercifully busy, I posted episode 04 of my little podcast, which was all chiptune-esque. Chiptunes appeal to me, even if only for the faux nostalgia of it all. I compiled some links, but never got around to posting them. UNTIL NOW.

Almost immediately after I posted the episode, one of the artists featured (in collab with Spamtron) released a new album on the always great 8 bit peoples net label.
Phlogiston’s “Mode 3” is pretty good. In addition to that, there was a second release: “Old Chips”.

Speaking of 8 bit peoples, I included a track from the awesome she – “Pioneer” mini-CD on the podcast. I’ve always liked Psilodump – “Memory Loss”, but I couldn’t fit anything off that into the podcast.

That Spamtron, featuring Phlogiston, track is off of the “Triple Screen” album, which can be downloaded in its entirety at Mega Twerp. “Badicality” is good. More spamtron at and throughout

Other artists: 047, Treewave, Machinae Supremacy.

And I started that whole episode off with tarmvred who, by all accounts, is not a chiptune artist — but, well, he sure does love that SID chip as his 4 track EP Viva 6581 (which is great) attests to. The track that I included, “A Light and Hectic Place”, was, I believe, a live recording of a rearrangement (which was available for download off the site a while ago) of the first track off of the highly recommended Subfusc album. More tarmvred at

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