Week in Review

Monday was moving day. The movers I hired were pretty great. The cable guy came at 2:10pm during his 2 to 5 window (that’s a first!) Everything was going smooth until… that new sofa didn’t fit into my new place. sigh. SOFA FOR SALE.

Tuesday I was sick. Sick of unpacking, but also physically sick. Welcome to your new home.

Wednesday was a continuation of the flu. I did go to work because, despite being sick, it was now an eight minute commute. On foot. After work, picked up Guitar Hero II for the 360. Went home and rocked out while hitting the sauce (aka. NyQuil).

Thursday was feeling better. After work and after a brief stopover at the company spring party (free booze), I went home to watch the Leafs blow their fucking chance (again!) against the Islanders. Tried to watch a bit of the Rangers/Habs game but, for reasons of idiocy, my Centre Ice package was canceled despite the fact that I paid the one time fee to get the entire season. What I did request to be canceled before the move, RaptorsTV and LeafsTV, I still had. After nearly 40 minutes of back and forth on the phone — including several transfers and disconnections (thank you Rogers, you fucks) — I finally was able to have what I paid for.

Friday was a day of rest and of ROCK. I was supposed to see “Small Town” at Cinematheque Ontario as a part of their “films of Nuri Bilge Ceylan” programme, but early in the day I received a call informing me that the print they received had no English translation, but if I wanted to I could still watch the movie in its original Turkish. Yeah, no. More time to rock.

Then one of the staff members from the bar below my new pad came up to my place. Not to greet me but to inform me that there was a leak! Yes.

Saturday, I finally set up the computer. The plumber came and patched up the broken radiator pipe as we watched the end of the Islanders/Flyers game. The Islanders won and we were in agreement that even if, by some chance, the Leafs won their big game against the Habs that evening, the Islanders were going to knock them out anyway. Went to see Clouds of May and got home in time for the third period. Perfect timing as that was when the Leafs mounted their comeback and won the game in dramatic fashion. Leaf fans could be heard on the streets. It didn’t matter.

Sunday, went to the suburbs for Easter to watch the Islanders beat the Devils as expected (in a cliched Hollywood script, supremely dramatic way), thereby knocking the Leafs out of the post-season. As I wrote elsewhere:

Before the start of the season, I wasn’t a fan of three things: the shootout, Raycroft, and Ferguson. The last few days didn’t assuage me one bit.

Overall, a lousy week! I think I am going through a sort of renters postpartum.

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