In the mean time

Though you probably never would have noticed, I had been without my main computer for almost three weeks. Computers can do a lot of things, but dealing with static electricity is not one of them. I don’t know what it is about this new apartment, maybe the radiators?, but this place is a static death zone. It was a minor, somewhat painful, nuisance for a couple of weeks before it erupted into full bore irritation. I was plugging in my mp3 player. There was a static shock. My screen froze and the smell of burnt transistors filled the room, before, finally, the power supply and the rest of it gave way and the monitors went dark. The static discharge was strong enough to blow a hole through one of the motherboard chips.

blown motherboard

The motherboard was old so it proved difficult to replace. An upgrade was in order. After a mix-up and delay with the service centre… and another delay… and another mix-up and more delay, my computer is back to the world of the living, better than ever. It was an expensive upgrade. sigh.

While it was on the fritz, I spent my time watching a lot of sports and playing a lot of Guitar Hero. I looked forward to getting back to productivity. With the return of my PC, it hasn’t happened. Instead, I’ve been immersed in the vast library of music that I sorely, sorely missed. Listening to it, cleaning it up, organizing it, listening to it, downloading some more, and mixing some of it together.

The not-yet forgotten or abandoned inbetween podcast is back with episode seven, in which I honour my computer’s absence and fickleness.

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