Not playing the Halo 3 beta

The Halo 3 beta is out and some invitees are playing it while others are whining and moaning about not being able to get on the free, limited beta at this very instant. The amount of hype-fueled drool that this game has generated could fill a lake and while I could be playing it too, I can’t. To match my two invites, there are three red rings of death. Oh well.

I played my share of Halo 2, but a lot of that was on account of its sheer popularity. Because pretty much everyone with XBox Live had Halo 2, it meant that pretty much all of your friends on XBox Live had it too. Playing with friends is more fun that playing with random assholes, especially if the multiplayer game is competent (Halo 2 was) and especially if the user interface makes it easy to group together (which it really was). This is what I did and I did enjoy it, but the rest of the game didn’t appeal to me as much.

Of course I’d like to try the Halo 3 beta and run around sticking people with sticky grenades while flying around via man cannons, but I’m not killing myself over the fact that I’m going to miss the entire beta period. It’ll be fun for a while and I might rent a 360 for a couple of days to give it a whirl, but the real appeal of Halo 3 will be after it sells a kabillion copies and all the people that I would want to play with will have it too. Then it might be worth the time as playing with people I know will hopefully shield me from all those racist clowncocks and the stark raving mad and idiotic turdmops that I definitely do not want to exclusively play with or against.

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