I got a Wii

I’ve always maintained that I will buy a Wii the instant I walk into a store and it’s in stock and I’ve argued that the best bet for it would be in an HMV — not a BestBuy or other electronics store where a Wii would be more expected and in higher demand — and this is exactly what happened on Thursday.

I stopped by the Toronto Superstore on Thursday with the intention of buying the new White Stripes album, because it’s awesome. I picked up a Gotan Project album, because it’s rad. Looked around to see what else was in stock and the usual items on my “to get” list weren’t there as usual. Checked the new releases and went downstairs to get the new Colin McRae game DiRT (despite my dislike of their marketing tactics) and as I was going to check out I saw, behind the counter, a boxed Wii. The last one in stock.

“I’ll take the Wii” I said without hesitation. I told the guy to wait while I went to grab an extra game, so I grabbed Zelda. I took it home, set up the wireless (adding all those settings and passwords is always a pain), created my Mii and bowled a lousy 147. Yes!

So I went to HMV to buy a $15 album and left carrying $500 worth of merchandise. sigh. I’ve always said that this hobby is going to ruin me one day.

That said, until that day comes, add me to the parade ’cause mine is lonely: 4639 4699 9186 5928

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