Roadtrip 2

I’m going on vacation tomorrow. I don’t know where. There’s a rental car waiting for me at noon and that’s the full extent of my planning. My belief is that the cost of excess planning and preparation is the loss of any sense of discovery and, for me, the fun part of a trip is the exploration. A road trip is pretty much entirely that and I find that extremely appealing to my soul.

While I definitely have no plans as to where I’m going or how I’m getting there, I do still need to pack and anticipate my needs and wants. The necessary provisions and changes of clothes are coming. Numerous bottles of water and granola bars and other such nourishments. My cameras, especially the new toy. Around two dozen CDs, including several mix CDs like this one (grab it before it’s gone). A couple books and, naturally, my DS (now with the awesome Planet Puzzle League.) I might not use it much, but it’s great to have in case I ever find myself on a boring ferry crossing, as I did last time.

And much like the last roadtrip, I am taking along a journal to document the trip. During that maritime excursion I wrote some twenty five pages of observations and logs. I hope to better that this time. Not so that I have a useful travelogue but, rather, so that I have a means of expressing my thoughts and observations in a timely manner. Driving on roads where you’re the only human for miles, enclosed in the tight confines of an automobile, will be a lonely venture.

But it will be great to get off the grid for a while, even if my refurbished XBox 360 is sitting and waiting for me to pick it up.

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