delicious milestone

A milestone of sorts as I recently bookmarked my 5000th link in my feed, and that link was to Avatar Machine (in reality, the 5000th link was added over a week ago but that was counting links I marked “private”, this is the 5000th public facing link). That’s almost four links per day for four years.

This, along with Gmail, is the one web application that has really struck a chord with me and I can’t ever see myself not use it. That is, unless they start requiring Yahoo logins. *ahem*

I can pin-point the exact moment when I discovered and started using it: a dyslexic post by me in Metafilter, complaining about the lack of subcategories. This was before I “got” it. Before the tag concept, which was still pretty much new at the time, became so obvious. Also before tag intersections and bundles and all those minor, but very drastic, features were implemented. But the idea of seems like common sense now so here’s hoping to another 5000 more!

And of course, as I write this I get an invite to yet-another-web-app #48. My new profile on pownce (I don’t know if you need to be registered to see it). I don’t get the point of this one — is it a love child of Twitter and SendSpace? — but maybe I’ll be struck with an epiphany after some usage. Or I’ll sign up and forget it. It’s hard to say.

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