Mario Paint Music

In the middle of a long four player Bomberman ’93 battle, the topic of conversation turned to music. Specifically, the Bomberman battle theme. All things considered, it was a decent, catchy tune but after more than twenty consecutive repeats it was getting tiresome and complaint worthy. For reasons I forget, somewhere in that talk I brought up The Advantage, the greatest of the NES cover bands.

I discovered that the idea of a rock band playing nothing but NES songs is an alien concept to some people. That surprised me because in my books that is totally normal and totally awesome. They remained skeptical so I dug up some clips on YouTube to prove it to them. The Advantage playing Mega Man 2‘s “Flashman” theme and The Advantage playing Castlevania music.

It was there in the YouTube “related” box that I noticed a cover of Mega Man 2‘s “Wily 1” stage theme–done entirely in Mario Paint. I followed to the creator’s profile and hit an entire collection of covers arranged in Mario Paint. It’s so obscure and nerdy and meta and fantastic. There’s the aforementioned Wily 1 theme, Guile’s Stage from Street Fighter 2, the Final Fantasy IV battle theme, Gato’s theme from Crono Trigger, Castlevania’s “Bloody Tears”, a fairly accurate Excite Bike theme and even Sonic the Hedgehog.

There’s something oddly synergistic about hearing Sonic‘s music played in Mario Paint.

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