Into The Pixel

The 2007 Toronto Film Festival is approaching and many a film is being announced. Along with those, the TIFF Group recently announced its exhibits and installations which, amongst other things, includes a showing of Into The Pixel: The 2007 Into the Pixel Art Exhibition (ITP) is an exploration and celebration of the art of the video game, curated by interactive industry veterans and experts from the art establishment.

Here we go again.

Torontoist wrote about the exhibit and said of it: It’s nice to see the Toronto International Film Festival take a greater interest in mediums other than film–particularly video games–in order to highlight their artistic and cultural relevance. Roger Ebert won’t be pleased, but Torontoist hopes they continue to increase the role of multimedia in the festival.

sigh. The “guest” comment there is, clearly, mine. Edited, I repost it for local posterity:

I don’t want to retread on this tired subject, because it’s been done and I’ve written about it enough already, but an art gallery showing a bunch of concept drawings and game art is not a showing that embraces a new medium. It’s embracing an old medium — painting and illustration — that’s just taking on a video game related theme.

To embrace video games is to embrace interactivity. That’s the whole point of the medium. Without it, it’s just a bunch of paintings or films. Boring films, mostly.

It’d be like having a “film festival” but only showing production photos; it misses the point.

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