E4 Obsessiveness

I was reading some of the criticism of Every Extend Extra Extreme and the bulk of it consists of: it’s too easy, too repetitive and too long. I don’t dispute that; it really is. As I was reading those I realized that for nearly the last hour I had one song playing on repeat over and over again*. When it comes to music I like I tend to be obsessive compulsive about it. If I like it, I like it a lot. I listen to albums on repeat over and over again. I go through back catalogs. I play a single favourite song on repeat a dozen times over. I do this until I get bored of that artist (or even that style of music) and move on to the next thing. It might not be the best way to consume music but it’s the way I do it.

That’s why I like Every Extend Extra Extreme and Lumines so much, they appeal to my OCD. The fantastic music these games have is one of the major draws (Lumines 2‘s less obscure artist selections were my biggest criticisms of that game.) It’s what keeps the repetition from feeling repetitive. I realize that these games aren’t for everybody — especially E4 — but they’re totally for me.

* That track on repeat was Interaktion off of Somatik‘s “Learning the Colours”, an album that I consider one of the “top releases of 2006 that I didn’t hear until 2007.”

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