April Blues

April is the time of the year when all the huge mounds of snow on the sidewalk start to melt leaving, in their wake, huge mounds of cigarette butts, grime and dog shit. All the filth that accumulated in the winter months is now in full display for the spring. It’s a wonderful time.

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer it’s best to start heading outside. It’s time to leave the shelter of home, turn off those video games and enjoy some fresh spring air. It’s the best time for it, before the stale summer smog hits. Perhaps, then, I should be thankful that my second XBox 360 has died.

xbox360 #2 is dead

But I’m not. I’m annoyed, as a consumer, that I’ve had more XBox 360s fail on me in two years than all the other consoles I’ve ever owned over twenty-two years. Only one other console has ever failed me: a GameBoy. And only because water was spilled into its cartridge slot. And it still kinda worked if you didn’t mind the fucked up display. Here I am dealing with shoddy Microsoft hardware and while I await a replacement, I wonder: why the hell don’t I have a Playstation 3? When the huge multi-platform release of the season, Grand Theft Auto IV, is released later in April, why should I risk getting the version for the system that might inevitably fail me yet again?

It’s about time I purchase a Playstation 3, but first I think I’ll go outside and enjoy the spring.

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