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Eight years ago when I was looking for a domain and dedicated web host for my fledgling weblog, I came across It offered a lot for a very fair, and student friendly, price. I registered through them for the full $70/2 year price tag that domains had back then. The package had unlimited bandwidth (remember those days?), a capacity of 15 MB and full PHP3 support. It was good for the time. In those years that account has been automatically upgraded and I now have 2000 MB worth of space and PHP5 and all sorts of other nice things that I don’t ever use.

Halfway through that run dreamhost started promoting themselves with their weblog friendly hosting packages. Webloggers, and others, started to switch. They raved. The packages were tempting and I was considering the switch myself, but I figured that domain transfer would be annoying and that, well, nothing was wrong with my current hosting provider so I chose to stick it out.

Nowadays I hear nothing but complaints about Dreamhost. Their status page reads like a comedy of errors (Due to a typing error on our primary router while trying to block a denial of service attack, DreamHost is currently offline.) People are canceling their accounts and looking for new options. Meanwhile, my account with Westhost just works. I am glad I never switched.

So when I was looking for some extra hosting for some possible projects, I went with WestHost again. I’m not one to normally plug companies like this but eight years of happy service has to account for something. If you ever need reliable and simple web hosting, give a look and put ‘’ as a referral.

Anyway, as I was signing up for that new hosting account I needed a domain. With the help of some friends on IRC, we came up with a list of potential (and available) domains. Since I can’t register them all I offer them as free domain name consultation service to you. They’re all available as of last week.

  • and
  • (unfortunately it’s a .net so it ruled it out for me)
  • and (more .net domains, but these are 133t)
  • (not a fan of the double ‘t’)
  • (very good for subdomain fun, ie.
  • and and (for more subdomain fun.)

In the end, I settled for It’s brief and snappy (three syllables); it’s not inherently game-y; it is totally game-y; it’s an obscure reference to weird game-y things (the most useless button ever: the dedicated run button. I’m looking at you Mortal Kombat.); it was available.

What kind of projects are going to go there? I’m not sure right now but the first might be in response to this TIGSource competion and it might look like this:

gogo submarine
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