Two Piece Rock Band

Well, I finally jumped on the Rock Band tourbus. Partly because I’m just about done with Burnout Paradise and partly because it was overdue and partly because the disc (not the complete package) can be had for cheap and partly because the latest downloadable content releases were “March of the Pigs” and “Perfect Drug” by NIN (in time for the new digitally distrubuted album release).

I am enjoying it — so much more than Guitar Hero 3 — but I do feel as though I’m missing out by only playing it on guitar in my lonesome. The possibility that I’ll be able to put a four piece band together is pretty slim so it’ll always feel as though I’m not getting the full band experience. But there is a solution: downloadable content!

How does that solve anything? Well, create a pack of only two piece rock bands. It’s easier to put together than a three or four piece band, though it does mean that someone (not I) would have to take double duty with the microphone. Here’s some suggestions for songs that would work and be fun to play (but will likely never show up because they would exclude full bands, to my dismay):

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