Kudos to Microsoft

xbox backIt’s back.

I’ve bitched about the reliability of XBox hardware before. I’ve complained about the lousy call centre experience I had last time my XBox 360 died and the time it took to get my console fixed. This week, however, Microsoft has done right; I received my replacement 360 Friday afternoon. That’s a turn-around of six days. System broke and reported on Saturday, I received the box Monday afternoon, sent it Tuesday and I was delivered a replacement on Friday. That is mighty nice.

It’s a far cry from my previous experience last spring which, all told, took over five weeks, part of which was due to a total address butchering at the hands of the call centre. Of course, one reason why there was such a drastic difference is likely due to my mentioning that this is the second time the console has failed. Rather than take the chance on refurbishing that console, they sent me a new altogether. I think they have stocks of these in warehouses waiting for failures. All part of the billion dollar warranty upgrade, I’m sure.

But, regardless, it was a very positive experience and I was back online in no time, spending too much money buying new Call of Duty 4 maps. I’d fill in their feedback form and rate the whole ordeal as “excellent” but postage is free if mailed within the United States. Oh well.

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