Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend

The Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend is nearing its end. I downloaded the game and played for an hour and a half on Friday evening. I do have The Orange Box, which contains Team Fortress 2, on the 360 but I never felt compelled to play it there. Partly because there were some serious lag issues when it first launched.

I like the game — it’s a very well made shooter — and I love its art direction and design but I don’t know if I’m willing to buy it for a second time. Things are different on the PC. During my third match, on Friday, some loser connected to the server I was on and started blasting, through the voice chat, Haddaway’s “What is Love?” and other shitty 90s pop tunes. He was instantly muted.

That kind of experience reminded me why I don’t like playing games like this on the PC. Sure, there are many douchebags on XBox Live too but being on a more closed system their griefing abilities are limited. On the PC, which is far more open to hacks and exploits, this kind of annoying bullshit is so much more aggravating and so much more common. It all makes the price of entry, even when it’s free, not worth it.

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