Games to Discard

The arrival of June marks my last month of living in Toronto before my extended escape to Europe. The month will be full of decisions regarding what I do with all my stuff. I have to choose what to sell, what to store, what to lend and what to discard. One of the goals of this process is to detach myself of as many material possessions as I can; I’ve certainly accumulated my share of crap over the years. Amongst all that junk is a well-sized game library.

Of course, there’s no way I’m getting rid of all of the stuff there. Not even half. I might be going away but I shall remain a gamer nerd. Hell, I’m certain that the PSP and/or DS will come along with me. However, there are numerous games that I don’t touch anymore and don’t really care for and many more still unopened sitting there. If I haven’t touched them in years, I’m never going to touch them. These are the titles I can get rid of.

Anybody want them?

(No, they aren’t all crap. There are some gems in there, like Gitaroo Man, a few Nippon Ichi games and even current-gen Wii and XBox 360 titles. Yes, I am serious with the offer. I’ll give them away, for free, to a loving home. Some conditions might apply!)

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