Free Ride (Take it Easy)

For the last month, the time I’ve been living in this flat, I’ve been leeching internet off of some kind, unprotected neighbour, Mr. Belkin54g. Yesterday morning I awoke to find that my luck had run out; the preferred network was now password protected. The free ride aboard the Mooch Train was over.

I was probably overzealous with the network the day before. It was a rainy day. I wasn’t heading out on my walking treks so I stayed indoors with little to do. As a result, I download some two and a half gigabytes of content. All of it legitimate: the iPhone SDK, which clocked in at a puzzling 1.25 GB; the iPod 2.0 update and the 2.0.1; several podcasts; quite a few videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other similar sites; and, of course, many MBs of regular old web browsing. For me it’s a normal, rainy day’s worth of activity and it’s why I had the EXTREME Internet service back home. For Mr. Belkin54g, it might have been a little much.

As it is, I no longer have internet access at home. This will be either a major annoyance or a boon for my productivity. Judging by the half dozen Chess.App games I played yesterday evening, my assumption is the former. We’ll see. But for now, I shall be mostly offline and postings around the web shall be infrequent. Do check my Twitter feed though, since it’d be easy enough to update from the iPod if I were to find any open wifi along my travels and travails.

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