Personal Maps

I’ve been keeping a map of (most) walking treks through the city of London and where I’ve been eating and drinking (not often.) It’s all from memory, so it’s not all accurate, but it gives a good sense for how and where I’ve been spending my time here. Yes, I have walked a lot.


By comparison, here’s a map showing all the places I ate at (and drank at) and took take-out food from in Toronto, from January up to the time I left. The interesting thing about this map is how local it is.


Note the scale in comparison to the London map. Something could be said about a one’s habits in a city they’ve long called home. You get into a groove and don’t really venture out too far. Being in a new country, I haven’t found all those home comforts yet so I go around seeking them. Either that or there really is shit all to see in Toronto.

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