Jetpack Brontosaurus

The long awaited sequel to a local favourite, Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, is finally up on Flashbang Studios‘ new game site Blurst: Jetpack Brontosaurus. I haven’t played it a lot yet but it is quite pretty with good music and it feels like there’s a lot to experiment with and discover. There are some minor issues that I’ve noticed in the first few minutes, but it is a browser-based game (using Unity) that works on OSX (bonus!) and it is free so it’s surely worth checking out. Even if it should technically be Jetpack Apatosaurus. Or “Jetpack dinosaur-formerly-known-as-Brontosaurus.”

Jetpack BrontosaurusI took a screen-grab but OSX grab doesn’t seem to like the webplayer. Nicely distorted!

The Blurst Blog has a little more info about it, wherein they talk about the dream-like visuals of the game. They suit it nicely and make for, dare I say it, one of the most beautiful in-browser games yet. In some ways it reminds me of Mario Galaxy, but more ethereal and with physics-modeled sauropods with jetpacks instead of a chubby plumber with a talking star creature inside him. So, basically, it’s equally surreal. Play it.

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