Musique Francais

Well, I made it. After an ordeal getting through the Chunnel I arrived in Paris on Monday evening. I’ve been here three whole days and it’s been completely gorgeous. In those three days I’ve had more sunshine than in any given three week period in London. It certainly makes for a more colourful first impression.

My studio is very small but it has a good location (two doors from the Metro, and a block away from another Metro line) and it’s perfectly accessorized. I have internet access again! And a TV (which I haven’t even bothered with) and stereo and free long-distance calling to North America. Awesome. However, with this weather it’d be a waste to make use of any of it so I’ve been out exploring, wandering, taking photos and being a flaneur.

That said, I do have access to the wonders of the internet so I do get see a lot of nerdy stuff again. Thus, I present three French musicians given an increasingly geekier treatment:

Etienne de Crecy’s massive cube visualizer thing set-up. Not nerdy per say, but just awesome.
More info here.
Ableton Live looped cover of Something About Us by Daft Punk, performed on Nintendo DS Ubisoft Jam Sessions, Midi controlled software electric bass, drums, synth, vocoded vocals, and solo theremin, recorded in a single pass, with a single camera.
Justice – Phantom pt. 2, on GameBoy.
(Here’s someone else’s version of Part 1, my favourite track of the album, but the cover isn’t as good.)
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