I’m probably going to Die Internationalen Spieltage SPIEL in Essen, Germany this weekend. For those not in the know, this is essentially the E3 for German boardgames. Actually, that’s not exactly a fair comparison. The “Nuremberg Toy Fair” is probably more akin to E3, as they’re both trade shows (though E3 might not be exclusively that anymore, maybe?) The Spiel is a consumer show[1]. Semantic differences aside, if you like boardgames it is the place to go. I do. So I’m probably going down for a day or two.

Gamasutra’s write-up on the 2007 show.

I don’t know what to expect there. There’ll be a lot of exhibitors and games on show and games to play and try out, some before they’re released, but I don’t know what the actual experience will be. Boardgames are a social endeavour and I am not a very social person. I also don’t speak a lick of German. Things might get awkward. This might be an overly pessimistic expectation for the show, but it guarantees that I won’t be disappointed. Besides, if I find the whole thing completely boring there’s a very nice photography museum I can check out up the street. It’ll be nice to venture beyond Paris for once too, while I still have the opportunity to do so (I return to Canada in less than two weeks).

Afterwards I might go to Amsterdam. I don’t know, nothing is planned. It’s always more fun to travel this way.

(And I say “probably” because everything is dependent on my ability to wake up in time to catch the 6:50am train at a station 40 minutes away.)

  1. You could say that Essen is the Leipzig of boardgames, but that’s a little too clever.
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