Explore Photo Vomiting Rainbow Panda

I’m not sure what the origin story is for the Flickr explore Panda thing, it seems to start over here, but it’s another thing on the list of “Reasons Why I Keep Paying For Flickr.” It reminds me of the ancient (by web standards) classic: Prime Number Shitting Bear. A creation born in those goofy and weird no-more-money post dot-boom days, before everything needed to have a weblog, required to have ad words, and had to be social.

So even though Flickr was early to embrace tagging, social feature, “web 2.0” features before they were known as “web 2.0”, and even if they were bought out by a large corporation and all the problems that brought with it, and even if they’ve reached a size and scale far, far past the likes of Prime Number Shitting Bears, they still have a charm and character that screams “early 2000s”.

It is, apart from my web-hosting and domain registration, the only web-based service that I pay for. The Explore Photo Vomiting Rainbow Pandas are one of the many reasons why.

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