Idle Thumbs Podcast

Let’s face it, if you like videogames and you like listening to people talk about videogames, you might not have much of a life but you do have lots of options. The 1UP network alone publishes six podcasts every week, and that’s just one site. Multiply that by about every site that writes about games — it’s as if each one is lawfully required to start a podcast — and you have an ocean of nerdery.

It is hard to make a proper splash in this crowded landscape, but they hit the right notes: a good cast, including The Internet’s Chris Remo; occasional bouts of stupid humour, like 1UP Yours, but with better taste in games than 1UP Yours; interesting unscripted talk about games, like RockPaperShotgun, but with proper sound quality; and, no Skype awkwardness. It’s a good start and it’s only going to get better (if you don’t believe me, listen to some other podcasts’ first episodes.)

So, yeah, go get it. Subscribe in iTunes. Tell all your friends and eFriends and iFriends too. Idle Thumbs are good people. Here’s Chris Remo’s annotated history of Idle Thumbs and why you should subscribe.

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