Another Podcast Plug, and More

Speaking of podcasts, this week’s episode of GameSpot’s HotSpot features, as special guest, my friend JP. He does his best to not say anything about Bioshock 2. Since that was recorded the teaser video for Bioshock 2 has made it online and, well, not much else has been said. All that needs to be said is that the game is in fine hands.

This is also a good opportunity to plug JP’s in-development indie abstract shooter, purity. There are builds available for download, if you can figure out where to search for them, but look forward to it in the IGF. I’ve played it and while it’s still early and rough–the man has a dayjob after all–it is quite good with a lot of potential. And I say this as someone who’s foundation in the genre is based on slooow console FPS and not the super-quick, high-skilled precision movement that some PC shooters required, which is the direct lineage for purity. Look for potential updates at vectorpoem.

  • The list of friends that have appeared on (semi-)renowned podcasts is now: two.
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