TIGSource Demakes for OS X

if you are a Mac user, as I am now, looking at the TIGSource Demakes competition will probably bring one thought to your head: “wow, look at all those seemingly awesome games that I totally can’t play.” Most indie games are built on PCs for PCs. That’s where the majority of the market and the majority of the dev tools and majority of operating systems are. As a new Mac user, I miss the vast wilderness of low-key and big budget games that exists on Windows machines.

soundlessmountainSoundless mountain screenshot

Eager to play something, I went through the competition and compiled a list of games playable on OS X. I likely missed a few, but I did go through the top 10 and most of the higher rates ones (10 votes or more.) Here’s the list. Maybe it’ll be useful to somebody.

  • Soundless Mountain
    The winner of the competition, a NES-style “Silent Hill” demake, is OSX friendly (though it does trap keys in an annoying way.)
  • House Globe
    A 2D pixely “Homeworld” remake. With multiplayer. Awesome. I definitely need to play this more to get a better sense for it.
  • Smaze
    “Haze” in the style of an Ikari Warriors game. The OSX version can be found here. INHERENT BIAS: I know the creators.
  • Lady Boy Love Collection
    Which is a… ok, I don’t know what the hell is going on there.

There are two browser-based games that are playable too: Rocket Belt Rawr (a “Jetback Brontosaurus” demake) and Thieving Raccoon (a game and watch version of “Sly Cooper.”) Additionally, a few games are playable with some dependencies: Offslaught ’81 is Python based so it should be platform independent (but it’s not the most user friendly way to distribute a game) and Super 3D Portals 6 is playable in an Atari emulator (which is impressive in its own right.) A few other games have source code so you can try your hand at porting them, but that’s contrary to the whole “download and play” instant-action philosophy.

And that’s it. A pretty short list considering there were 69 rated entries in total. As a Mac gamer, you take what you can get.

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