November 4th, Playstation 3

Tuesday was an important day. It was my first full day back in Canada after four months of being down and out in Paris and London. It was my sister’s 21st birthday (not a big deal in Canada, but it does make me feel old.) There was that whole election thing south of the border. And, as I maintained that I would, I purchased a Playstation 3. I am finally 100% new console generation compatible, unlike my old Playstation 2 games.

My first experience with the Playstation 3 wasn’t a positive one: the UI for the Playstation Network registration was horrible. I can deal with the Playstation’s software keyboard, it’s not that bad, but the flaws in the system are with the general flow and error messaging. It was downright confusing. I had to input my security question three times because any error in another field (invalid user account, mismatched passwords) would reset that form field. This is bad form design.

After that initial registration screen came the choose your username form. I entered “n0wak”, hit submit and received a vague “username is invalid or taken or something” error message. Well, great. Not being able to use that dilutes my brand. It is an established and consistent username across a whole slew of sites and services and knowing that there was someone else out there using it made me feel dirty. Also, I couldn’t come up with a good alternative that wasn’t immediately rejected.

Frustrated, I shut down the registration process and searched a web-based alternative. Thankfully, Sony was prescient enough to offer such a service. Foregoing the irritating softkeys, I signed up, confirmed everything and linked my Playstation 3 to that account. This was the way to go.

Unfortunately, the username issue could not be resolved and I had to think of something new on the spot (always a potentially regrettable situation.) So any Playstation 3 owners out there should add runbutton to your friend lists. I used this because I own the domain. It’s always good to have a username that ties back to something, unless you are trying to be completely anonymous. I’m not.

Right now I’m digging into Little Big Planet and WipeOut HD. These are the games that, for the record, I specifically purchased the system for. Previous system sellers for me:

  • Wii – Wii Sports
  • XBox 360 – Dead Rising
  • Playstation 2 – Twisted Metal Black, Gran Turismo 3
  • XBox – Panzer Dragoon Orta
  • PSP – Lumines, WipeOut Pure

So yes, add me: runbutton.

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