Crystal Sculptures

The YouTube video page of crystalsculpture and crystalsculpture2 (I don’t know why there are two, also both pages feature an epileptic inducing background. You have been warned.) are full of sheer radicality. Both pages are packed with all sorts of retro 70s and early 80s (and even 60s) computer animations, motion graphics, and odd ephemera (old horror trailers, documentary excerpts, commercials, and even a home video.)

In particular, I like this clip from a Peter Ustinov hosted show about an electronic composer, Suzanne Ciani, making the music for a pinball game, Xenon. It’s completely fascinating.

It would be really nice to to use a female voice in the game […] it hasn’t been done before.In the future, women with soundchips in their earrings will listen to Beethoven’s symphonies.

Some other selections follow…

Snow Canon (1981), awesome video for Steve Roach.
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