Dubmood Live at Kafe44 Stockholm

Here’s something for your ears. Get yourself a blender and throw in: French electro dancefloor sensibilities; a dash of The Prodigy, The Knife, Daft Punk; a barrage of GameBoys. Mix together for 93 minutes. Serve with a free download (direct link to 110MB zip file.)

Dubmood’s stellar chiptune-infused dance mix can be found on Data Airlines’ site (just search for a post from October 25th 2008. I’d link to the individual entry but, well, you see.) It’s high-energy music perfectly suited for dancefloors — unlike me — full of chiptune nerds — like me. And because it’s mixed together with a lot of techno and electronica, it never sounds overtly nerdy. Well, when it’s not pounding out the lyrics “wake up, skip school, turn on the Atari. With my console, I’m in control.”

Dubmood – Live at Kafe 44 Stockholm, 110MB .zip.

To give you a sense of what to expect, here’s a video of his performance at this year’s Blip Festival which, yes, I did not attend. There’s always next year.

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