Idle Thumbs is currently taking nominations for Gamse [sic] of the Year at the not-so-subtle (the little wedding ring on the flourish, however, is quite subtle.) I emailed my nomination last week but it wasn’t entirely lucid so I won’t be quoting it here. Maybe I can look forward to them reading it out loud on the podcast next week! Hopefully not.

My pick was: Civilization Revolutions for the DS.

My impressions of the game from September are part of the reason why. In the months that followed, my enthusiasm for the game has cooled thanks to further run ins with the DS version’s limitations. It has plenty of flaws, but for each fault there’s a countering brilliant design decision. I love how streamlined everything is. It takes a complex PC game that can take a dozen hours to play through and turns it into a portable game that can be completed in a single sitting. All that without losing the essence of the original. That is commendable.

Besides, I haven’t been seeing Civilization Revolutions (DS or otherwise) on any “best of” lists and figured it at least deserved some mention lest it be forgotten. I’m contrarian like that.

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